Nyanners doesn't like everything. For a list of things she does like, see things Nyanners likes.


  • Doing taxes[1][2][3]
  • Flying on a plane
  • Singing in front of a lot of people
  • Staying away from the summoner
  • Throwing up when she doesn't mean to
  • Watching scary or sad movies (they give her "bad brain")
  • When people say it's her birthday, but it's not her birthday[4]

Body parts

  • None. Nyanners loves all body parts




Fictional characters

Real people


  • Earbuds[8]
  • Giant machinery

Other things

  • Summer[9]
  • The Expert Sphere Grid[10]
  • Tornados


  1. "Have to do adult things. Not in the sexy way. In the boring way." - Nyanners, 2018
  2. "I'm a naughty little government pig and I need tax spankies" - Nyanners, 2018
  3. I don't want the government to have my money. They're just going to spend it on stupid shit." - Nyanners, 2018
  4. "Its not my birthday!" - Nyanners, Twitch
  5. I'm nasty. I'm a nasty disgusting bug person." - Nyanners, 2018
  6. "I'm the worst human alive! I ned to be crystallized and shot up into space and orbit for the rest of eternity." - Nyanners, 2018
  7. "An ancient evil has awakened and it's all my fault!" - Nyanners, 2018
  8. "Earbuds are a misnomer, because they're not my buds." - Nyanners, 2018
  9. "It's too hot."
  10. "The Expert Sphere Grid sucks ass. It has less stuff on it, so lets just stay with standard." - Nyanners, Comfy FFX Playthrough part 1
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