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This is the offishal wiki where all the Nyan-lore shall go to! The official Nyanners wiki is all about the best youtuber/twitch streamer/voice actress in the world: Nyanners! Also, girls don't poop.


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Albums Magic CircuitNOW! That's What I Call Minecraft Songs Volume 1NOW! That's What I Call Minecraft Songs Volume 2Nyannerz Gonna Give It To Ya X2: Nekomimi ReloadedPretty Cute Anime Song Covers EP Vol 1The First Nyoel - Nyanners Holiday HITS
Anime/game covers Dango DaikazokuFutari no Kimochi no Honto no Himitsui LoveIppai IppaiLove? Hate!? Love!!!Lum's Love SongOTHERWORLRenai CirculationRuruSnowstormSweets ParadeYour Reality
Pop covers AnacondaBound 2ChandelierBad and BoujeeCrank That Soulja BoyDrop it Like It's HotI Am Your LeaderJumpmanMonsterRiptideSandyStars Are BlindStarshipsTiny SalmonsWelcome to the Space Jam
Parody songs Break Stuff - Limp Bizcute Kid Friendly VersionCreepersCreepers (cover)Diamond OreHappy HolidayMERRY XMAS B*TCHESMine Mine MineMine to MineMini-GunkPick to BreakSitting in the TVTrouble
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Original tracks 2 many squirtsCute Anime CreeperCloud RapDoing Minecraft Standup Comedy By Myself At The Bottom Of A WellGAMER FUELGamer ToesGucci BoobyHey Boy (hey boy)IntermissionMEW HORROR
Fanworks A Song for Nyanners' BirthdayFollow Your Dreams
Nyanners lore (edit)
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  • Be heppy!
  • Disclosing any information about Nyanner's personnal life that would allow doxing or otherwise hurtful behavier is strictly prohibited.

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The girl in the corner is trying her best.

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