A shilkworm is a mythical creature with the ability to disguise itself as a cute anime girl with a hot bod. In its natural form, it has the top half of a human and the bottom half of a silkworm.

A shilkworm has the ability to produce a lot of shilk, a sticky white substance.


Once, at home, Nyanners was wrapped up in a sleeping bag while commenting on how silky her hair was. Effecting an even cutesier voice than usual, she began to describe her hair as "shilky", and dubbed herself a "shilkworm".

This inspired the Youtube video Fun Anime-themed Skit Idea, uploaded 2013-09-07, in which Nyanners describes a hypothetical video in which she impersonates a half-human, half silkworm, who says things like "I'm a shilkworm! I'm going to produce a lot of shilk!"

"That's really, like, the thing that kinda gives it that extra oomph, how I say "shilk" instead of "silk". I just think it's really cool."
— Nyanners, Fun Anime-themed Skit Idea, 2013

This was followed on the 27th by Cute Anime Girl Wants To Smooch You ^_^, a prank video in which a cute anime girl transforms into an anthropomorphic shilkworm.


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