"I could really use a wish right now. Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?"
— Nyanners, 2018

Nyanners is a Youtuber, Twitch streamer, voice actress, singer, cyber warrior[1], and high priestess of the Blessed Disciples of Shilkworm. She likes many things.



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Nyanners is perhaps best known for her song covers of rap music, in which irony is derived from the contrast between Nyanners' cute voice and the typically violent and sexual lyrics of contemporary rap.

Nyanners also produces both original songs and parody covers. Her albums include Minecraft song parody songs.

Voice acting

At an early age, Nyanners was inspired to become a voice actress by Final Fantasy X, one of the first fully-voiced JRPGs. In 2010, under the name nyanloevsbagels, she applied to a fandub of Angel Beats.[1]

As of 2018, she has had various roles in indy games.


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Nyanners is a Twitch partner and streams semi-regularly, depending on her voice acting schedule. Her most notable video game streams include Final Fantasy X, Minecraft and various games in the Dark Souls series. She reached Diamond rank in Overwatch.

On July 17, 2020, Nyanners debuted her VTuber character. Nyanners previously used other Facerig avatars on Twitch.

Other works

One of her earliest published credits was as a writer on Large Bagel, a 2011 original net animation about an anthropomorphic bagel magical girl. It received over 165,000 views but was cancelled after one episode.

Nyanners is currently developing Love Saucer, a visual novel about a boy who fights to protect an alien girl.


Alien microbes came to Earth on a meteor and were grown in a petri dish. The resulting creature grew into the alien bug creature known as Nyanners.[2][3]

A popular conspiracy theory holds that Nyanners was created when a pink Yoshi vored Notch and spat out an egg. The egg hatched into Nyanners, which was raised in the wild by stray cats. The gods, fearful of such an unnatural beast, banished Nyanners to Michigan. From her adoptive father, Notch, Nyanners gained the powers of video games, enormous stinky feet, and armpit fetish.

Another widely-held belief is that Nyanners was born in 1993 to normal parents, who are known as Dadders and Mommers. Her last name is of Dutch origin, but this does not explain her above-average height, as her dad was adopted. Nyanners is probably tall because she ate her vegetables growing up. She is of Slavic heritage.



Nyanners shares her birth name, Taylor, with the anime character Taylor Madison from Cardcaptors, who, appropriately, is voiced by a voice actress.

In February 17, 2020, Nyanners announced on Twitch that she was changing her first name to Yuliya. She legally changed her name to Yuliya, but when visiting the government office to file the paperwork she contracted coronavirus. It's okay, she got better.

She originally adopted the name "Nyan" when joining an anime community ironically. Unfortunately, she stayed too long and became a colossal weeaboo. Friends called her "Nyan", "Nyan-chan", and then "Nyanners" as a term of endearment. The name Nyanners stuck because "Nyan" was usually taken on popular websites.

Her original Youtube account was "nyanloevsbagels", but it was shut down for copyright reasons. Nyanners no longer loves bagels. Bagels know why.

Nyanners' original Twitch name, nyannersz, has a Z at the end because some idiot took nyanners and wouldn't give it up, even though everyone knows that Nyanners is the real Nyanners. It's not a Dragonball Z reference. On Jul 27, 2020, she regained the Twitch account name Nyanners.

Other Nyanners names include:

  • Shyli: Nyanners' alternate Soundcloud
  • hellokitty: Fake name attached to Nyanners' usericon in a dummy screenshot of top Twitch users, made by Twitch
  • Dark Fart Master: The name on Nyanners' Sakuracon badge
  • Masked Nyanner: Nyanners' secret identity at Sakuracon
  • Cyberwitch Shilkwormia: Nyanners' spirit form, accessible by a ritual known to the Blessed Disciples of the Shilkworm on Patreon
  • Numerous variations on "Taylor" or "Nyanners"

Appearance and personality

Nyanners is really nice and really cute. She likes to imagine herself in a hot spring with mystical hot spring animals to fall asleep.

In her true form, Nyanners is a catgirl with pink hair. Most of the time, she hides her power level by disguising herself as a normie, but this disguise is only partially successful. She occasionally engages in cosplay in order to disguise herself against evil spirits.

Nyanners' feet are so big that 90% of Nyanners' body is just foot.[4] She avoids wearing socks wherever possible.[5] Her favourite part of feet is toes.

Nyanners' blood type is O negative.

Likes and dislikes

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Nyanners is fond of animes, video games, cute girls, and fast cars. Her favourite video game of all time is Final Fantasy X, which she has played at least ten times. However, Final Fantasy X-2 was an abomination and Nyanners has never finished it.

She hates the weird full head microphones because they're "creepy". She also dislikes earbuds, because "they're not my buds".

Family life


Nyanners used to be scared of thunderstorms. She would go to her father, who often played Doom or Wolfenstein 3D, and watch him play as the rain poured outside. Nyanners often fell asleep. To this day, she listens to gameplay streams or videos to fall asleep.[6]

At four years old, Nyanners once had to sleep in a car for a night because her house was on fire.

When she was six, she tried to start a band named Pussy. Unaware of the word's connotations, she made a band poster featuring a pair of lips. She also made a home movie where Barbie was a serial killer and drove a truck off a cliff at the end. Another home movie had Pikachu doing a turd.

At age 8, Nyanners once fell and hurt her knee and managed not to cry as she limped home. She asked her mother for permission to swear loudly, which she did, but they had to close the windows first. She shouted the f-word loudly. Also aged 8, Nyanners once choked on a burger while humming the theme to Married with Children. She thinks of this whenever she eats.

At age 9, she invented a fake boyfriend in Canada to impress her childhood friend Alison.

Nyanners used to keep a diary in the Al Bhed language from Final Fantasy X. When she was 9 or 10, she wrote a Final Fantasy X fanfiction featuring her original character, Subaru. She deleted it after her dad found it and printed it out.

At age 10, Nyanners cut her very long hair to look more like Yuna from Final Fantasy X and donated it to Locks of Love. She took up snowboarding after playing SSX Tricky.

In eighth grade, Taylor was inventing AIM screennames in class and got in trouble for writing "DevilPenisYum". Another time, she went to a sleepover where she got a nosebleed but didn't know where the bathroom was, so she just cried herself to sleep and woke up covered in blood.

Coincidentally, Nyanners went to the band camp referenced in the movie American Pie, where she sang in choir. A girl there told her that when she smiles, she looks like Marilyn Monroe. When she couldn't sleep, she stayed up writing letters. She learned both acoustic and electric guitar in middle school, but stopped because she became depressed after the ending to Final Fantasy X.

Nyanners went camping before Yuru Camp made it cool. She went through an emo phase in middle school and wrote embarassing lyrics. She was too embarassed to change in gym class, so she got changed in the disabled stall, where she once dropped her bra in the toilet.

Current Nyanners

Nyanners is canonically in a polyamorous relationship with Chad Thunderman, her car[7][8] and at least one wife.[9] Her dream is to become a slime girl with a slime core.

Nyanners allegedly died in 2008.[10] This hasn't stopped her from producing several hundred Youtube videos and streaming Final Fantasy X on Twitch at least twice a year.

Nyanners is lactose intolerant, but insists on eating McFlurries anyway.

True Facts

The following factoids come from Reliable Sources.

  1. She's cute as fuck honestly.
  2. She's the daughter of Notch.
  3. She makes awesome song covers!
  4. She's always in heels.
  5. She's a nice girl!
  6. She hates the weird full head microphones because they're creepy
  7. She is sponsored by Gamer Gloves and Gamer Diapers for all your gamer needs!
  8. Nyanners has a cloaca.[11]


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