"I have to end every Minecraft stream by singing a Minecraft parody."
Nyanners, Twitch, 2018

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Minecraft parody songs

Nyanners genuinely loves Minecraft parody songs. Her first Minecraft-related single was Doing Minecraft Standup Comedy By Myself At The Bottom Of A Well, which appeared in her 2016 album Nyannerz Gonna Give It To Ya X2: Nekomimi Reloaded.

For a time, people banned from the Discord Server had to sing ElegantAshes' Unban Me Now, a Minecraft parody of Don't Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers. ElegantAshes has since removed his Youtube videos.

On April 1, 2017, Nyanners released her first Minecraft song parody song album, NOW! That's What I Call Minecraft Songs Volume 1. The album consisted of four songs uploaded to Soundcloud: Mine to Mine, Creepers, Cute Anime Creeper, and a different song cover called Creepers.

On 12th September 2018, Nyanners wrote and recorded two Minecraft songs live on Twitch: Diamond Ore, and Pick to Break.


The Minecraft Server (2017)

Main article: The Minecraft Server

Nyanners created The Minecraft Server for Twitch subs, which was streamed online. Someone burned down all the wooden houses. Nyanners read Minecraft book The Scriptures live in a Twitch stream.

By November 17, 2017, The Minecraft Server had closed down due to the costs being too high.

Mineycrafta (Sept 2018)

On 12 September 2018, Nyanners played Minecraft singleplayer while listening to Minecraft parody songs. The seed was "shilkworm asmr butts minecwaft F" and the save name was "Poopass Butts", and it was created in Minecraft version 1.13.1. She wrote Pick to Break and Diamond Ore during this stream.

On 17 September 2018, she continued playing Minecraft on Sept 17, Sept 18 (when she wrote Mine Mine Mine) and Sept 20. These were archived in the MINECWAFT Twitch playlist. The poem Digging for Treasure recalls these adventures.

Later that month, she opened a new server for Patreon and Twitch subscribers, using her map from singleplayer as its basis. The main town was known as Mineycrafta. Nyanners' house from this server appeared in the music video to her Minecraft parody cover of How Long, uploaded to YouTube on Sept 30, 2018.

The server later shut down due to the costs being too high.

Pee pee poo coom Seal Land 9000 (Aug 2020)

"Alright everybody, give me your seed."
— Nyanners

With her new VTuber avatar, Nyanners stayed up too late because she was excited about improvements to her avatar and got sick. The next morning she was too sleepy to play a proper game, and just played Minecraft single-player.

She started a new map with the seed "gundambazingawifevorebuttholesea" and the name "Pee pee poo coom Seal Land 9000". She went on a boat adventure with a tortle, and built a house around her hole on an island with many names.

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